Recruitment Trends in 2021 for Hiring and Talent Acquisition

Recruitment trends in 2021 have evolved on a global scale. Hiring trends need to keep up with the changes in workforce and employment due to the pandemic. This has altered the way recruitment has been approached by candidates, recruiters and organizations as a whole.

While there are industries still suffering from the economic fallout, new recruitment trends during COVID-19 are emerging to keep up with these changes. Read on to find out the most impactful and prominent recruitment trends of 2021.

Recruitment Trends of 2021

Digital recruitment

Data-driven, automated and digital recruitment trends have been growing on the sidelines for quite some time now, but they have been brought to the forefront as the top most recruitment trends during COVID-19. Digital recruitment is a process that needs to be done with finesse. Placing the right talent with the right workforce can be a task for most recruiters, but it becomes even more difficult to ascertain all factors in hiring new talent for organizations digitally. More and more companies are shifting towards working with recruitment companies to utilize their expertise in the field to hire new talent with effective digital recruitment processes.

Remote recruitment and workplace flexibility

Workplace flexibility has become the new norm and is also seen as one of the upcoming recruitment trends in 2021. As more and more organizations adopt a remote working or flexible working model, companies focus on the new hiring trends that include remote recruitment. This offers organizations a lot more options as remote recruitment opens up their talent pool to a global scale. An organization based in Singapore can work with employees based out of multiple countries if they build a sustainable working dynamic. This offers companies as well as candidates a wider net for employment opportunities.

Building sustainable talent pools

The main goal of hiring trends for organizations this year is to build long-term solutions. This involves building more sustainable talent pools with their new candidates. Talent retention is becoming an equally important factor as talent acquisition. Companies are focusing on building talent pools that will provide long-term assurance for retention. Hiring the right talent is not enough anymore, organizations also want to focus on hiring talent that will make a long-term commitment at the organization.

Seamless candidate experience

As more and more organizations choose to work remotely and take up digital and remote recruitment options, the focus shifts on creating a seamless candidate experience for applying to job roles. This is an important recruitment trend of 2021 because a bad candidate experience can easily deter potential high quality talent from applying. If companies are facing trouble improving their candidate experience, they can always opt for hiring talent acquisition agencies who are experts in their field.

Transparency and candidate relationship management

Recruitment agencies and talent acquisition firms also need to focus on building a transparent hiring model at their establishment. This helps in keeping the candidates more focused throughout the recruitment process. Organizations need to be completely clear on the salary range and benefits packages they are offering and recruiters need to communicate the selection process and recruitment timeline efficiently.

The recruiter’s job does not end when the candidate is placed at the organization. Recruitment agencies need to build and maintain a relationship with the client as well as the hiring organization over time. Organizations need to focus on this aspect as well. Candidate relationship management is one of the top emerging recruitment trends in 2021 because it helps companies build a strong talent pool and helps recruiters improve their reputation in the market.

Recruitment trends during COVID-19 have evolved to become more adaptable to the changing economy and the changes in the workplace as a result. These 5 recruitment trends of 2021 are here to stay for the foreseeable future, so organizations and talent acquisition agencies need to make sure they adopt them into their hiring process.

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